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Significant correlations were found between language comprehension and reading comprehension.Discussion: The results of this study suggest that language comprehension may have a strong impact on reading comprehension success in individuals with Down syndrome.Andrew Biemiller argues that teachers should give out topic related words and phrases before reading a book to students, teaching includes topic related word groups, synonyms of words and their meaning with the context, and he further says to familiarize students with sentence structures in which these words commonly occur.

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Initially most comprehension teaching was based on imparting selected techniques for each genre that when taken together would allow students to be strategic readers.

However, from 1930s testing various methods never seemed to win support in empirical research.

It has been shown that students with a smaller vocabulary than other students comprehend less of what they read.

It has been suggested that to improve comprehension, improving word groups, complex vocabularies such as homonyms or words that have multiple meanings, and those with figurative meanings like idioms, similes, collocations and metaphors are a good practice.

Reading comprehension and vocabulary are inextricably linked together.

The ability to decode or identify and pronounce words is self-evidently important, but knowing what the words mean has a major and direct effect on knowing what any specific passage means while skimming a reading material.However, these neural networks are not discrete, meaning these areas have several other functions as well.The Broca's area involved in executive functions helps the a reader to vary depth of reading comprehension and textual engagement in accordance with reading goals.It is also determined by an individual's cognitive development, which is "the construction of thought processes". Instruction for comprehension strategy often involves initially aiding the students by social and imitation learning, wherein teachers explain genre styles and model both top-down and bottom-up strategies, and familiarize students with a required complexity of text comprehension.There are specific characteristics that determine how successfully an individual will comprehend text, including prior knowledge about the subject, well-developed language, and the ability to make inferences from methodical questioning & monitoring comprehension like: "Why is this important? After the contiguity interface, the second stage involves gradual release of responsibility wherein over time teachers give students individual responsibility for using the learned strategies independently with remedial instruction as required.This understanding comes from the interaction between the words that are written, and how they trigger knowledge outside the text/message. f MRI's are used to determine the specific neural pathways of activation across two conditions, narrative-level comprehension and sentence-level comprehension.There are 7 essential skills for reading comprehension: Decoding, Fluency, Vocabulary, Sentence Construction and Cohesion, Reasoning and background knowledge, and Working memory and attention Reading comprehension involves two levels of processing, shallow (low-level) processing and deep (high-level) processing. Images showed that there was less brain region activation during sentence-level comprehension, suggesting a shared reliance with comprehension pathways.However, there is no evidence to suggest the primacy of this approach.Incidental Morphemic analysis of words - prefixes, suffixes and roots - is also considered to improve understanding of the vocabulary, though they are proved to be an unreliable strategy for improving comprehension and is no longer used to teach students.There are a variety of strategies used to teach reading.Strategies are key to help with reading compression.


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