Rc Parallal Circuit Thesis

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By now you should be quite familiar with two simple types of circuits called series and parallel circuits.You may remember that a circuit is any path along which electrons can flow.This makes sense because voltage produces current, and resistance, well, resists it.

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Touch screens on modern smartphones and tablets also employ capacitors, making them quite useful!

The other important part of an RC circuit is the 'R' - the resistor.

In an electrical circuit, a resistor passively opposes the flow of current.

In other words, it 'resists' the electron flow moving through the circuit.

I In any parallel circuit of elemnts: R, C,: resistance, capacitance (and or inductance) , the voltage across all 2 elements is the same, the current through individual elemnnts and its phase differs.

Since the voltage is the common factor, the vector diagram will have the 2 currents relative to the voltage reference vector.

The capacitor plate that is connected to the positive battery terminal does the opposite - it sends electrons back to the battery.

Capacitors can come in all different sizes, and some of them can hold a lot of charge!

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