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Thus, the Raven’s APM is often used for complex jobs such as IT professionals and engineers that require a high level of reasoning ability but not necessarily a high level of verbal fluency and comprehension.In contrast, the Watson-Glaser is often used for jobs such as lawyers, teachers, salespeople, nurses, and managers in any field, where reasoning is important and a high level of verbal fluency and comprehension is necessary for successful performance.More simply, inductive thinking is when you arrive at a conclusion on the basis of some evidence (e.g., All the squirrels I’ve seen have furry tails. Comparatively, the Watson-Glaser measures deductive reasoning, where arguments move from given statements (premises) to conclusions which must be true if the premises are true (e.g., All apples are fruit. The Raven’s APM may be more useful in contexts where a measure of cognitive ability is needed but language and/or cultural differences may be an issue.

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For this, the APM offers the ideal combination of predictive power and cultural flexibility.

The Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal is the leader in assessing critical thinking ability and predicting performance in fast-paced positions requiring high-level thinking and analysis.

It is designed to measure an individual’s ability to perceive and think clearly, make meaning out of confusion, and formulate new concepts when faced with novel information.

People that score well on Raven’s are often described as being good “problem solvers” and “quick learners.” The nonverbal aspect of the APM minimizes the impact of language skills on performance on the assessment, which makes it ideally suitable for use across languages.

The Progressive Matrices Assessment is a non-verbal reasoning test meant to assess abstract and cognitive functioning, spatial reasoning, analogical ability, and problem-solving ability.

The test is also a good measure of fluid intelligence, which is the ability to reason and solve problems with new information only and without relying upon previously gained knowledge or skills.Watson-Glaser is an extremely popular assessment used worldwide to assess decision-making skills and managerial readiness.Raven’s APM and Watson-Glaser can be compared in terms of the types of reasoning they assess.All questions will be listed in order of difficulty, and the questions are grouped into sets.Candidates will only have to choose one answer per question.When you think of assessing cognitive ability, two names come to mind in the crowded pre-employment marketplace: Raven’s™ Progressive Matrices and Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal.Both are feature-packed assessments with versatile administration and reporting capabilities and can be administered in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Raven’s™ Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) is among the best nonverbal assessment tools available which makes it a great choice for multilingual workforces.The APM measures inductive reasoning, in which the premises of an argument are believed to support the conclusion but do not entail it (i.e., they do not ensure its truth).Induction is a form of reasoning that makes generalizations based on individual instances. In this form of reasoning, the premises of the argument ensure its truth or falsity Both assessments measure types of cognitive abilities, so either can be used with a high degree of confidence for predicting a candidate’s job performance.These assessments are among the best at helping you identify and develop talented individuals ready to succeed in the 21st century and advance in your organization.The Raven’s Progressive Matrices was developed in the 1930’s by J. Raven to look at how genetic aspects and environmental factors influence intelligence.


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