Race And Culture Essay

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This is because group identity is derived from cultural difference and failure to recognize culture implies that a group may not be developed.Thus ethnicity exists purely because of existence of different cultures.

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Whenever an ethnicity is being elaborated, it is apparent that culture has to be mentioned.

According to Darder (2005), ethnicity is thought by people to be a segment of population that share a common culture and participate in shared activities which generate from a common culture.

However, large cultural difference leaves no doubt to the ethnic groups about the divide and as such may lead to minimal or no ethnic differences or conflicts (Eller, 1999).

It is apparent that cultural differences causes ethnicity but ethnicity does not give rise to cultural differences.

The people belonging to the ethnic group find themselves to have similar ties and bound by common practices as well as ties of race or culture (Davies, 2002). d.), anthropologist Fredrik Barth referred an ethnic group as something that is extensively biologically self-continuing, shares basic cultural beliefs recognized in their cultural forms, sets up the ground of communication as well as interaction and has a membership which consciously identifies itself, and is identified by others, as constituting a unique category from other groups.

Culture Difference and Ethnicity The culture difference alone cannot make up ethnicity but requires to be consciously recognized in order to make ethnicity.

These elements are passed on from one generation to the next and are internalized by members of the group in differing levels.

The culture includes the way members of a group should relate to each other in conformation to the given ethics guidelines, kinship models and the practices of bringing up the young children.

The fact is that if a group is not conscious of its characteristics then they cannot make up an ethnic group.

Thus there cannot be ethnicity even where a group is very distinct but fails to be conscious of their unique features.


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