Pursuasive Essay Global Warming

In the last 50 years, human activities such as excavating the earth, use of fossil fuels and greenhouse emissions have drastically altered the earth’s climate in negative ways.During this period of time, the burning of fossil fuels has released large quantities of carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions which in turn have trapped heat in the earth’s lower atmosphere thereby affecting our global climate.The discussion of global warming and how to stop it has been an integral part of world politics the past few decades.

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However the main downside to them is that they cost far more than coal and oil and there are unsightly.

Electric vehicles are another way to prevent global warming.

And if this occurs, it will lead to dire consequences on the earth’s climate and human health in the long run.

Therefore, the responsibility of educating the world’s population on the dangers of global warming falls on your shoulders.

The main contributor to global warming is the carbon dioxide released when fuels such as oil and coal, referred to as fossil fuels, are burned for energy.

For this reason, renewable energy sources have been developed which are sustainable and are environmentally friendly.As earlier stated, global warming is caused by carbon dioxide and greenhouse emission produced in large quantities by human activities.These activities include the burning of fossil fuel in our vehicles, industries and homes, and the massive deforestation occurring in rural areas to provide building materials, paper and fuel for human consumption.The need to offer hard facts stemmed from the criticism the environmental community has received from politicians and naysayers who believe that an ulterior motive is integrated into the message of cleaning up the environment.Therefore, I intend to use this essay to discuss the meaning of global warming and how it will affect human life in the near future.Global Warming is the gradual rise in the Earth’s temperature due to the increased production of greenhouses gases such as water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).Many scientists predict that this can have a disastrous effect on the Earth.However it is the production of extra greenhouse gases that is detrimental.These extra greenhouse gases are produced through activities that omit these gases such as: These gases allow more of the sun’s rays to enter the atmosphere, trapping the heat and keeping it in the atmosphere leading to the rise of the Earth’s temperature.Such sources include solar power, wind power, tidal power and wave power.These sources of power do not omit greenhouse gases and are renewable, which coal and gas are not.


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