Public Policy Analysis Essay

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Public policies are developed based on the issues that trouble the members of society to the point that there is a necessity to take an action. Gerston (2010), “issues preceding those policies develop when individuals with similar problems are forced to cope, without solution, for an unacceptable period of time”(p. Public policy problems can be solved by means of effective public policy making.

Illegal immigration has become a public policy problem.

As the effectiveness of immigration policy depends on ideologies of immigrants, certain political concerns may be connected with the concept of citizenship or human rights issues. However, there are many Americans who state that “they are a net burden on the state” (Albertson & Gadarian, 2013, p. It is known that recent immigration policies were aimed at preventing the spread of clandestine immigration in the United States, as well as guaranteed a “minimum level of rights to immigrants, even to those without a residence permit” (De Montis et al., 2012, p. Nevertheless, many Americans opposed these policies, explaining the significant role of diversifications in human society, which lead to conflicts between cultures.

There are conflicting public opinions regarding immigration policy. The approaches to policy formulation, adoption, and evaluation play an important role in policy making process.

Both central and district levels of government have opportunities for involvement in decision making regarding immigration issues.

The actors involved in policy making process concerning illegal immigration include civil society, business community, public and private institutions.

The nature of the public policy problem in concluded in the fact that illegal immigrants have no rights in the United States, but at the same time, they have negative impact on the development of the U. The problem of illegal immigration came to public and political awareness because of considerable changes in social, political and economic life of the country.

Public awareness of the problem like illegal immigration is supported by certain concerns over national security.

The brief overview of immigration public policy problem shows that illegal immigration influences practically every area of public concern.

As a result, the suggested policy direction should be based on change of current public policy decisions.


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