Problem Solving Exercises For Groups

The idea is not to gather all information per participant but to gather meaningful information as a group.

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Any activity that is not directly related to the forward motion of the object can be noted and then tied off.

If possible, add a ticking clock to the story to help pace the flow.

Prepare enough paper for everyone to have about 10 boxes per round. As the group is gathering, distribute sheets of paper to each player. Tell the players to sit silently and sketch out as many ideas as they can until the timer ends — with the goal of reaching 6-8 ideas.

Or instruct the group on how to make their own 2×2 grid by drawing lines in their notebook. Introduce the game and remind players of the objective for the meeting. The sketches can and should be very rough — nothing polished in this stage. When the time runs out, the players should share their sketches with the rest of the group. With time permitting, repeat another few rounds of 6-8-5.

As with fish in water, we go about our daily business without paying much attention to the language around us and how it influences us.

Information architect and author, Jorge Arango developed Semantic Environment Mapping years ago to make visible the everyday language through which we so naively swim. It defines what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.Language is the bedrock of our cultures and societies.Through this exercise, a group will create a memorable, visual story of their core process.After it is completed, this artifact can be used to identify opportunities to improve or educate others involved in the process.Part of the reason we end up with under-developed ideas is that we stick with the first good idea we have — rather than taking the time to explore complementary approaches.6-8-5 is designed to combat this pattern by forcing us to generate lots of ideas in a short period of time.The activity can then be repeated to hone & flesh out a few of the best ideas.Number of Players 2 Duration of Play 5 minutes to play each round 15-20 minutes for discussion How to Play 1.The notion of “stapling yourself to an order” comes from process improvement, but can be useful in a variety of scenarios.A group with no documented process, or an overly complex one, will benefit from the exercise.


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