Problem Solving Cards

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The root of the problem, the root cause is what causes the cause-and-effect chain of the problem (s).

Compared to other approaches, some rootcause analysis approaches are better geared towards the identification of the real problem or root cause.

If you’re one of them then here’s some useful info for you.

A collective term describing an extensive range of tools, approaches and techniques, root cause analysis is used to find out the causes of problems.

What is root cause analysis and what are the methods and processes involved in it? For all such people, following is some very useful information. Often, the time to perform the in-depth analysis required to address problems is something people and organizations don’t have.

Due to this, they take the easy way out and use ways that hide the problem rather than using ways to resolve it.

You will be able to apply the right tool or technique to resolve a specific problem if you acquaint yourself with the root cause analysis toolbox.

Let’s now discuss the root cause analysis approaches and techniques.

Generally, the following tools are used to perform root cause analysis for a situation or problem.

Fishbone diagram: A tool that divides ideas into useful categories, fishbone diagram is used to identify the different potential causes of a problem or an effect.


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