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In the Employee Issues (2003-2008) states that “Up to 92% of private-sector employers conduct some type of electronic surveillance on their employees.Most company may do so even without the consent or knowledge of their employees” (para. Every employees should have the right to know if there is any type of monitoring going on, such as computer key strokes and files, internet, web, and email usage, locations, movements, and activities, phone conversations, and phone numbers that have been dialed, and job performances.

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This will help to ensure that no employees are using the computers for inappropriate usage, such as using the computers to go on inappropriate websites.

Every employee wants to do their job well, and to be able to perform their job descriptions, but they do not want their every moved to be logged or monitored.

But when the company is being honest and letting their employees know that all their phone calls are being monitored or recorded, they can let the customers know before they start any conversation.

That way the customers will appreciate the employee and the employee will appreciate the company more by letting them know what is going on.

The reason for that is because when an employee is making a phone call to a customer and it is being recorded without any consent to the employee that is invading the privacy between the employee and the customer.

For instances the conversations between the employee and customers are private, and the customer do not want anyone to know what they are talking about.

The reason is that when the computers are used for personal purposes, it can cause other computers in the company to run slower, because it might be using a different program, and another reason is that someone can hacked into the company’s computer and steal all the company’s data base, private information, and ect.

To avoid any of these things from happening the company can set aside a few old/used computers that employees can use during their break times to check their emails, or to use it for personal use.

That is why many companies are being very strict with their employees about using company’s essentials for personal uses.

Most companies don’t even let their employees use the company’s essentials such as telephones, computer terminals, and internet access during their break time.


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