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College application deadlines will be here before you know it.

Elizabeth Heubeck is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and editor.

Born in small town, interested in math, science, and literature. I go by Izi and I am a current student at Williams College Class of 2019. I'm a freshman at University of Rochester Class of 2020 interested in double majoring in Biology and Spanish, eventually applying to med school.

Attending Stanford University starting fall of 2016, planning on studying engineering or computer science, with a minor in a foreign language. I'm an incoming freshmen at Tulane University in New Orleans, where I'll be studying Architecture, with a coordinate major in International Development and a minor in Urban Studies. I hope to be a biology or sociology major with a neuroscience concentration. I'm passionate about studying science, doing research and learning new languages. I went to an American school in Hong Kong from K-12 and will be starting my freshman year at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in the fall.

This, too, can backfire, especially if, like many adults, the high school student responds to stressful situations by procrastinating.

Regardless of the tactics parents use to motivate their college-bound children to complete the essay, there’s no mistaking its importance. No wonder parents are inclined to weigh in on this “transformative” essay.

If these avenues don’t prove successful, it may be worth exploring a college essay writing tutor.

Whatever the decision, don’t procrastinate too long.

After all, this is a personal and prideful statement being made to people who have the power to reject or admit this young adult to the college of his or her choice. Are most parents qualified to act as editor-in-chief of this capstone essay?

And, if the answer to either of these questions is yes, will a prideful teenager heed the input?


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