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The main goal of any political essay is to discuss issues such as international relations, civic society, forms of government, separation of powers and relations between them, the function of some politicians and their actions, and so forth.When you are writing your political essay, you will see how difficult it is to stay at a distance from the object you analyze.

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You need to know about constitutions, political crises, important events in the history of mankind, etc.

However strange it may be, being familiar with some main principles of economics today is a must-do for every political scientist.

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Relevant data, examples, case studies and other information should be marshalled to bolster each substantive point you make.

Equally important is that you address counter-arguments and counter-examples.Neo-liberalism, socialism, capitalism, and eco activism are still objects of hot debates.Although politics is not governed by natural laws, do not think that political science consists of gratuitous hypotheses and unjustified theories.Workers, politicians, military personnel and other leaders in national security areas must be outstanding, hard-working individuals dedicated to maintaining national safety standards.Thousands, perhaps millions of civilian lives depend upon the capabilities of these …The main body of your essay should then be structured in accordance with the logic of the argument presented in order to substantiate that claim.Rather than simply giving opinions, whether your own or somebody else's, you must provide reasons for your claims, bolstered wherever possible with factual evidence.A political science essay is emphatically not an exercise in political partisanship.Try to put yourself in the position of a sceptical reader and ask yourself what objections they might forward against your argument and use of evidence.Nearly all papers in political science involve constructing an argument.The thesis for which you are arguing should be stated at the outset, in the opening paragraphs.


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