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Many readers may have heard whisper of companies that offer a range of writing services — some more ethical than others.Although some companies offer to edit and polish writing, others can write Ph D research proposals, masters’ theses, or even a dissertation.

hire a range of writers to ensure that whatever your needs, you get a writer that is well suited to the job.

For example, in relation to your Ph D, we have dedicated Ph D proposal writers and dedicated Ph D writers for essays.

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research projects evolve in line with its R&D programs. students are supervised by the IFP Energies nouvelles researcher who has proposed the thesis topic and by the thesis supervisor affiliated to the doctoral school. This jury gives its opinion on the directions to be taken and authorizes the thesis to be continued or interrupts it.

students must report regularly on the progress of their work to their two supervisors. roughly 18 months after starting the thesis, students present the progress of their work to a jury that includes members of the IFP Energies nouvelles Scientific Board.

Even for those who pursue multiple Ph Ds, every dissertation they write is also approached differently depending on the topic, their schedule, and what else is going on in their life or at school at the moment .

Getting your dissertation written doesn’t have to be as hard as some people make it out to be.

It is regulated by the Order dated August 7, 2006, of the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research.

Students with a French Master’s degree, or a recognized equivalent foreign degree, can obtain a doctoral (Ph.


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