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The sanction of the death penalty is not murder, because it is not a violent and immoral act, and it is performed in the best positive interests of society. 10) he points out that many people debate that the seizure of any life cheapens the value of life itself, and no price should be put on it.However, others, like Koch and myself, argue that funding the well- being and sustenance of convicted killers is much more diminishing and disgraceful to the quality of human life, than if such monsters were just put to death.Many current arguments against capital punishment, like Bright’s, provide examples of outdated death penalty cases that have sentenced “children,...mentally ill,” and self-represented defendants to death (175). Wainwright established that all defendants are guaranteed counsel when they face serious charges, defendants have not been allowed to represent themselves. Simmons cases outlawed the execution of mentally ill or developmentally disabled offenders, as well as offenders under the age of 18. Georgia case ruled that death penalty, executed by lethal injection, was a lawful sanction because it required that defendants facing capital punishment must be offered the opportunity to appeal at any time during the court process, their cases must be split into trial and sentencing phases, and both mitigating and aggravating factors contributing to the defendant’s guilt or innocence must be presented during trial (Cole et al. This case ruling protects citizens’ Constitutional rights, and establishes guidelines to the death penalty that ensures the upholding of each defendant’s dignity throughout the corrections process.

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The coalition also points out that most people on death row committed their crimes in the heat of passion, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or while suffering from mental illness.

They represent a group that is highly unlikely to make rational decisions based on a fear of future consequences for their actions.

In addition,states without the death penalty have a lower murder rate than neighboring states with the death penalty implemented.

The US had a 2012 murder rate of 4.8 victims per 100,000—meaning that nearly 15,000 people were victims of homicide that year.

Permitting death penalty in one’s country doesn’t end or decrease the crime rates that might be happening right now in someone’s country.

Death Penalty should be completely abolished in our society owing to the fact that it doesn’t decrease crime rates,costs a lot of money and puts innocent lives at risk.

One bad apple can spoil the whole bunch; by allowing murderers to live in the same world as morally righteous people, we hinder the overall potential we have as a human race to achieve enlightenment and ensure positive environments for future generations.

According to a 2012 survey from the Vera Institute of Justice, holding one criminal in prison costs taxpayers an average of ,286 a year (Henrichson 9).

Capital punishment does not appear to be doing its job.

If it does not dissuade, then it serves no purpose.


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