Painting Business Plan

This includes literature, TV, radio, billboards and strategic alliances with other large contractors that do not have their own painting services.

These companies include Marble Construction, Talbot Construction and Burns & Associates.

One man can not meet the demand thus the company must grow to add the additional customers.

The company intends to add an additional employee, Joe Taylor, who will be on site and paint four days a week and do office work one day a week.

However, as stated elsewhere, the company's immediate goal will be to generate enough profit to pay for such expenses.

The marketing plan will go into effect starting in year three.

Prior to this the company will use more modest marketing tools such as mailer, promotion of word-of-mouth marketing, and ads such as in the Yellow Pages. Barnum's residential experience, the company will be able to generate sales in both areas.

Sales forecast is based on the existing client base of the three principal officers of the company and their ability to generate new sales based on their contacts. Furthermore, the company's growing marketing program will generate the growth the company needs to survive.

He has a degree in entrepreneurship from the College of Charleston along with six years of experience in the industry.

He often worked part–time and in the summers for the company.


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