Of Mice And Men Revision Essays

George knows he could be better off without Lennie.

“When I think of the swell time I could have without you, I go nuts,” George finally expresses.

The Unit 1 paper is 1h and 30 minutes, so you get 45 minutes on each section.

That means you have three-quarters of an hour to write about both questions on “Of Mice and Men”.

Lennie’s good intentions fell short in comparison to his power.

Lennie was looking for responsibility in pets but took on too much when the animals would be killed by his overwhelming strength.

The main thing to remember is that, yes, you have to write about other cultures at the time, but this is NOT a history essay. You have to say how other settings have influenced the novel.

So, a good question to have in your mind is ‘how different would the novel be if it were set in England right now?

John Steinbeck shows the theme that in life, responsibility is best taken in moderation in his novel Of Mice and Men.

      In Of Mice and Men, George shows the weight of responsibility on taking care of Lennie.


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