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Evidence has shown “that men who have been exposed to violence as children, either as witnesses to violence by their fathers or as victims of parental violence, are more likely to be violent toward their wives later in life” (Johnson, 1996: 2).It is apparent through examination of research that violent behavior occurring in the family, is socially learned.From the day of birth we are exposed to many people, whether it is family, peers, or strangers on television, with each contributing to how we perceive ways to behave.

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It is the people and ideas that individuals are exposed to daily that has a high influence on our behavior.

According to the social learning theory, “people form ideas about how to behave and how to solve problems through observing influential people in their lives”(Johnson, 1996: 2).

Much research into violence supports the idea that violence is learned.

People can learn violence in the home or in the public sphere of life.

The type of violence that so many are exposed to through society is not that of the private sphere, but the public sphere of violence.

Society teaches our children that walking alone at night is not safe and not to talk to strangers.The effects to be examined will be divorce, job loss, relationship with peers, schooling, murder and poverty in relationship to women and children who have been exposed to wife abuse.It will be the intent of this paper to demonstrate that there is no one answer to why wife abuse occurs.Instead, this paper will show that many factors contribute to wife abuse.The first area to be examined is social learning of violence.Many different forms of violence exist with each having adverse effects on its victims.Almost everyone has been exposed to violence whether it has been through the media, walking down the street, or experiencing it personally.Instead, sociology believes that many factors, such as social learning, attitudes, etc. This paper will examine and discuss several causes and effects of wife abuse from a sociological perspective.The causes to be examined will be social learning, culture, attitudes, values, economic and political realties and patriarchy.Violence “becomes the way in which problems are solved, if the consequences of using violence are perceived as positive, and if the opportunity to learn more peaceful means are infrequent or unavailable” (Johnson, 1996: 2).Perceiving violence as positive in Canadian society may be the case.


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