Nursery Business Plan

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Not as big, but man oh man does he have an impressive collection of Japanese maples. Brown’s nursery is another super large wholesale nursery.

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So, in theory, it’s the perfect start-up opportunity.

But starting a nursery business isn’t all singing songs and sharing cuddles with small people.

Different types of production systems - container and field production- are discussed as well as the types of plants typically grown in Southwest nurseries.

Starting a business involves many decisions that will culminate in the development of a business plan.

And don’t forget, you need to do all this with the endless patience and energy every childcare professional must have each day.

Nursery Business Plan

Despite the hard work, working with young children as they start their exciting education journey is enormously satisfying.Getting started growing and selling small plants from home is as simple as this; Start propagating some plants from cuttings, get some pots and potting soil, start selling some plants. Selling plants is the easy part because unlike most other things that people sell, plants don’t have to be sold. I get comments from people all the time that start out like this; “I’d like to start my own plant business but . .” “I don’t know if anybody will buy my plants.” “I have other large nurseries in my town.” “We have a big box store right down the road from my house.” “How can a little person like me possibly compete with the big box stores? They must buy plants on a regular basis just to stay in business.All you have to do is let people know that you have them and that they are for sale. I’ve been a witness to this for too long to thing other wise. ” “I can’t right now because my life is so busy.” “Mike, I’d love to buy your system but I just don’t have the money right now.” “I’m going to retire in 3 years and I’d like to do it then.” Allow me to answer these concerns for you. If you grow a nice looking plant that people want, they will buy your plants. They have to buy and sell plants in order to provide for their family. Some garden centers grow hanging baskets and annual flowers, but all of the other plants on the lot they buy from a wholesale grower. Because you can sell really nice plants at a lower price than a wholesale grower.If you’ve got a passion for teaching and nurturing, along with the right qualifications, spending your days with a group of fun-loving toddlers will sound like a dream come true.And with childcare costs and availability of suitable places an ongoing issue for working parents, demand will never drop off.When it comes to plants, people act in completely irrational ways! I don’t even know if I understand the psychology of people and plants well enough to explain it. We constantly see people traveling 25 or 40 miles if not farther to buy small plants. Not because of the money, but because of what you have the ability to do with your hands. I like to say that; “I grow small plants that make others happy.” Because . Your over head expenses are almost nothing compared to any wholesale grower they are currently buying from.Plant lovers have an insatiable appetite for plants. When you grow and sell small plants people have a very high regard for you and what you do. In my book; “Small Plants, Big Profits from Home” I tell you exactly how to get landscapers and garden centers to buy from you. We have two traffic lights because a main highway passes through here. I started my little plant business two years ago, sandwiched right between two other nurseries. My property goes really deep, but it’s only 114 feet wide. The only thing that separates my nursery from Richard’s is a one lane dirt lane that we share.Resources for new producers include national, regional, and local trade organizations.A worksheet with questions is included to help future operators consider whether they want to start a new wholesale production nursery. The plant nursery business is complex and requires knowledge about the technical aspects of growing plants and managing a business.This publication is an introduction for those interested in starting their own wholesale nursery business.


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