Not All Men Are Sly Foxes Essay

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Although, these essays have a common theme they are spoken through two different voices.

In “I Want a Wife” a mother and coincidentally a wife is speaking about what a great responsibility all mothers and wives take on when raising a child.

Naturally, I will expect a fresh, new life; my wife will take the children and be solely responsible for them so I am left free.

” In that exert and throughout the essay the author is treating being a wife like having a job.

Also, she explains to the reader if wives are not good enough then they will be replaced with a new wife.

This provides the reader with a negative stereotype on the father figure in all relationships which solidifies the author’s case in the other essay that men are indeed discriminated against.In this situation, however, every un|experienced writer finds himself.Impressed with the terrors of the tribunal before which he is going to appear, his natural humour turns to pertness, and for real wit he is obliged to sub|stitute vivacity.BUT whatever may be the merit of his in|tentions, every writer is now convinced that he must be chiefly indebted to good fortune for finding readers willing to allow him any degree of reputation.It has been remarked, that al|most every character which has excited either attention or pity, has owed part of its success to merit, and part to an happy concurrence of circumstances in its favour.I fancy, sir, continues he, ; I can provide an eminent hand, and upon moderate terms, to draw up a pro|mising plan to smooth up our readers a little, and pay them, as colonel Chartres paid his seraglio, at the rate of three halfpence in hand, and three shillings more in promises." him, that, as I intended to pursue no fixed method, so it was impossible to form any regular plan; determined never to be tedious, in order to be logical, wherever pleasure pre|sented, I was resolved to follow.IT will be improper therefore to pall the reader's curiosity by lessening his surprize, or anticipate any pleasure I am able to procure him, by saying what shall come next.If, on the other hand, like labourers in the Magazine trade, I humbly presume to promise an epitome of all the good things that were ever said or written, those readers I most desire to please may forsake me.MY bookseller, in this dilemma perceiving my embarrasment, instantly offered his assistance and advice: "You must know, sir," says he, "that the republic of letters is at present di|vided into several classes.One writer excels at a plan, or a title-page; another works away the body of the book; and a third is a dab at an index.Thus a Magazine is not the result of any single man's industry; but goes through as many hands as a new pin, before it is fit for the public.


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