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Nature seems to be the stronger force in determining characteristics as these are biologically predetermined and cannot be easily changed.However, Lerner's levels of environment mean that we can never truly separate nature from nurture.This links in with the Transgenerational effect research by Marcus Pembry who found that environmental influences during the time when sperm and eggs are developing can affect the children they later produce.

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Social His ability to connect with people was not recognized until later years.

On one of Branson's last days at school, his headmaster told him he would either end up in prison or become a millionaire.

He was educated at Scaitcliffe School until the age of thirteen which he almost failed, he then went on to attend Stowe school; still struggling Brandon dropped out at the age of 16.

It wasn't until Branson became an adolescent that his abilities and talents became more obvious.

The diathesis-stress model states that both a genetic predisposition to a mental disorder and environmental stressors are necessary for the condition to affect an individual.

Further interaction of the two influences in the form of genotype and phenotype.

Genotype is the genetic make up of an individual and the phenotype is the observable physical and behavioural characteristics.

The phenotype is a product of both genetic and environmental influences.

The nature aspect of the debate relates to the biological approach within psychology, this covers areas such as; genetics, biochemistry and brain structure.

Research has been conducted into these areas in order to prove the greater influence of nature.


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