Natural Selection Essay

Natural Selection Essay-11
Charles Darwin revolutionized scientific world in the middle of the nineteenth century.

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Thus, Darwin (2011) notes that all the inhabitants of each country are struggling together with nicely balanced forces, extremely slight modification in the structure or habits of one inhabitant would often give it an advantage over others. 82) This is a very precise illustration of natural selection manifested in human societies.

Admittedly, people have learnt a lot about various countries and societies.

This comprehensive definition makes the theory more credible.

Admittedly, people tend to believe in things which can be explained in simple terms.

In the first place, Charles Darwin (2011) provides a very simple definition for his term: “This preservation of favourable variations and the rejection of injurious variations, I call Natural Selection” (p. Thus, natural selection is based on two notions: preservation of important features and elimination of unfavorable ones.

This explanation speaks to everyone as people often choose objects that have certain ‘favorable’ features, and do not choose things which have some unnecessary characteristics.The scientist mentions that people often try to breed cattle as well.However, the author also states that the man “begins his selection by some half-monstrous form; or at least by some modification prominent to catch his eye” (Darwin, 2011, p. Darwin states that nature is more precise and thoughtful.He shows that it is the fact that people have to acknowledge.Apart from the simple definition, Darwin provides simple examples to prove his theory.There have been many examples of changes in countries which took place after some external factors (e.g. Many people had to leave their homeland because they could not adapt to new conditions.On the contrary, the area could be invaded by those who were accustomed to such conditions.Unlike some scientists who use difficult terms and obscure explanations, Darwin gives a transparent definition for his term.He shows that natural selection is something really easy and logical.His “Natural Selection” is one of those works that convinced people of his being right.Darwin provides a brief but comprehensive analysis of his theory in this work.


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