My Hobby Essay

After the speech (teacher’s name) complimented us and our parents were ecstatic.

My mother and I decided to celebrate my first appearance and went to the children’s cafe, she bought me all kinds of sweets, well, and I’ll just enjoy life.

You can also check some other Awesome Essays on different topics “Essays” Download the PDF Here. Despite the fact that a person as a whole is designed to work and improve the world around, and no one will never be truly happy and successful, respectively, if it will not have enough time to engage in favorite business.

Hobby – this is a favorite thing because it would be desirable for them to spend as much time as possible doing exactly what you like most of all. Therefore, after much effort and serious efforts can I be sure that is always waiting for me when I can do what I love.

However, I am aware that this is more of my personal and subjective.

I never chose a hobby and did not aspire to, to pick up in his capacity as something popular or widespread. “ Serious making music does not interfere with the young prodigy enjoys photography and fencing, painting and studying foreign languages.First, language learning is very bothered me, and then even liked it.In class I the young zoologist, ecologist, and naturalist, because I love nature and animals.Third, after travel, I always feel that I do not live in vain.It seems to me that the more places in the world I will visit, the more I live and fulfilling.And finally arrived this hour, our first “moment of glory”.Fear gripped me again, but it was the fear of the public, because before only my mother was a grateful spectator of my home performances.All these hobbies gives us soothing effect on our brains.Different people have different hobbies so everyone enjoys it. Not for such a long time in my life I have had to travel quite a lot. Well, this question is both simple and complex, as a hobby in the life of every human being arises from the specific life circumstances. When a person travels, he sees other people’s lives, their way of life, begins to understand their philosophy.As time went on, our dance group were learning more and more dances, and as soon as it has allowed our “knowledge of the baggage.” teacher dance announced.“The guys are cute, in a month we have a responsible action!


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