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Benchmark queries, which used to take multiple minutes to execute, can now be answered in several seconds.

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These proposals have different levels of implementation effort, and have different performance characteristics.

If one wanted to build a new database system that utilizes the column-by-column data layout, it is unclear which proposal to follow.

We find that on the first application, the complete C-Store system performed 10 to 18 times faster than alternative column-store implementation approaches, and 6 to 12 times faster than a commercial database system that uses a row-by-row data layout.

On the Semantic Web application, we find that C-Store outperforms other state-of-the-art data management techniques by an order of magnitude, and outperforms other common data management techniques by almost two orders of magnitude.

When the thesis is complete, it must be submitted to the students’ department of registration for acceptance.

It is expected that each individual submitting a joint thesis will receive a single degree.Each thesis should contain the original contributions of a single student.In certain circumstances, collaborative research leading to a joint thesis may be advantageous in a master’s degree program.We introduce an analytical model and some heuristics to use that help decide when in a query plan tuple construction should occur.Third, we introduce a new join technique, the "invisible join" that improves performance of a specific type of join that is common in the applications for which column-by-column data layout is a good idea. These applications are more analytical in nature, whose goal is to read through the data to gain new insight and use it to drive decision making and planning. However, there are a set of emerging applications for database systems for which the row-by-row layout performs poorly.The chair of the oral thesis area examination committee step downs after the TAE examination is completed. Thesis Committee will have at least two members who are not advisors or co-advisors.Thesis committee changes other than this must be approved by submitting a petition to the Chair of the Departmental Committee on Graduate Students (including addition of new committee members). At least half the members of the thesis committee must be DMSE faculty.Petitions for inclusion of committee members outside of MIT may be routed to the Departmental Committee on Graduate students as well.The doctoral thesis committee has the responsibility of advising the student on all aspects of the thesis experience, all the way up through the preparation and defense of the final thesis document.


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