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Conclusion, this poem contain show that the dead of family member cannot be easily accepted by other family member because loss of the love one is something sad and sorrow . It is a tremendously poignant poem and its emotional power derives in large measure form the fact that Heaney is very muted and understated with respect to his own emotional response.

This BBC video provides a reading and dramatisation of Mid-Term Break.

John Hegley explores the background to the poem and examines its qualities.

These last two lines are the only lines in whole poem that rhyme.

The effect of the rhyme is to bring a sense of finality, as in the finality of death.

In this poem there is no specific rhythm or rhyme pattern.

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However the last word in the poem rhymes with the last word in the stanza before.Mid-Term Break is a remarkable poem by a writer at the height of his powers.Heaney says he wrote it very quickly many years after the event with virtually no revisions. There are no vivid descriptions of displays of grief; everything is very matter of fact.The line “counting bells knelling classes” suggests the tedium of waiting for the morning to pass but it also suggests funeral bells that will echo later.The next few verses conjure up the awkwardness of funerals where people have no words to express their grief.The loss is so great that it needs no embellishment, and the poem gains so much of its power from its simple approach in describing what happened.The young Heaney has to wait all morning in his school’s sick bay waiting for his neighbours to drive him home.This poem takes the audience along on the speaker’s journey to accepting his beloved little brother’s death.Though family, age and love seems to be opposites of death and pain, one side cannot exist without the other.Therefore, in this poem family, love and age are all crucial themes..( Analysis of “Mid-Term Break” by Seamus Heaney, Bukisa).


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