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The HCM Program interview focuses on career goals in health care and gives applicants an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about the Program and its ability to meet their particular educational needs.

Seemingly straightforward questions require a great deal of introspection.

You will find that you quickly have a plethora of material to choose from.

2 As you begin to approach essay-writing time, consider putting together a “brag sheet”.

An inspiring lecture, a disappointing performance review, an enlightening conversation with a friend, a travel experience, running a marathon, a stimulating book—all of these can be terrific material for your essays.

Don't agonise over whether it will make a great topic, just jot it down.Two, since Healthcare MBA holders are in high demand, they usually receive multiple job offers that can be leveraged to negotiate higher pay.Third, most healthcare MBA programs offer a part time, online option.The Healthcare MBA is a widely sought after graduate degree, designed for working professionals who want to expand their knowledge of healthcare management.The program is both demanding and time intensive – yet there are more working professionals racing back to earn their MBA’s than ever before. MBA Graduates Will Always Hold the Competitive Advantage Despite the hard economic downturn in the last decade, one thing still holds true – those who pursue higher education have an easier time obtaining employment than those without.Applicants to the Health Care Management (HCM) Program undergo the same admissions process as any MBA applicant to the Wharton School.The intention to major in Health Care Management must be clearly stated in answering the question asked on the Application Form for “an intended major” or “areas of interest.” The Application essays offer applicants an opportunity to discuss their interests and background in the health care field and their motivation to pursue the Health Care Management Major.With a Healthcare MBA, professionals can pursue their passions by choosing a specialty field, such as healthcare IT, healthcare finance or nursing administration.Recognition comes as a result of being in high visibility, senior management positions.Make sure you budget time to draft and redraft, try new approaches and carefully edit so that each line packs the maximum punch 1 As soon as you know that you are going to apply to business school, you can start to prepare in a low-stress way.Keep a notebook and jot down anything interesting that comes to mind.


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