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This arrangement is on a voluntary basis and the staff delivering support is subject to change based on availability of staff.

This arrangement is on a voluntary basis and the staff delivering support is subject to change based on availability of staff.

Use the instrument and treble clef note reading games S2 Use to find out about the different instruments of the orchestra. The website also has information about how you can get involved in sport at the high school.

Listen to each instrument, comparing the sound with others in the same family. S1 and S2 Super Maths World S1 and S2 are reminded that they can always do extra on Manga High.

The Biology Project provides problems for mono, dihybrid and sex-linked crosses.

Higher Maths revision : has a variety of resources e.g.

Literacy Numeracy Health and Wellbeing English Modern Languages Art, Design, Engineering and Technology Sciences Business Computing Geography Home Economics History Modern Studies Music and Drama Physical Education Religious and Moral Education Family Learning The Maths department run supported study classes after school for S3-S6 pupils.

Maths Homework.Wikispaces

Students who wish to receive some additional support and make use of this terrific opportunity should speak to their own teacher in the first instance.Test and exam preparations are aided by our online resources including Maths Homework Club, YYYY.& more.The Howard County Public School System’s mathematics program is built upon the HCPSS Mathematics Curriculum.Use the instrument and treble clef note reading games S2 ELECTIVE & S3 Consolidate blues, jazz and popular concepts and to look ahead at Access3 – Intermediate 2 Scottish concepts. Access 3 Awaiting Links Standard Grade Maths revision : a variety of resources e.g.Learn about the five main dances and the five main vocal styles: Jig, reel, waltz, march, strathspey and waltz Waulking song, bothy ballad, Scots ballad, gaelic psalm and mouth music air, clarsach, accordion, Scotch snap, simple time, compound time S4 Use the time to practise for the performing prelims or to consolidate all listening work. Standard Grade key points, Power Point lessons, past paper solutions, mind maps, interactive online revision.Children mature mathematically at different paces, throughout each grade level, and demonstrate various levels of implementation of the practices.These behaviors develop over time and often emerge during certain learning activities and through the study of specific, critical mathematics topics and standards.You should aim to complete all literacy work in the booklets up to Int 2 level. BBC Bitesize Super Maths World Intermediate 1 Super Maths World Intermediate 2 Maths revision : has a variety of resources e.g.S5/6 Practise for the prelims; all pieces should be finished by Christmas. The following are useful links for many musical needs. Decorated leather Space-age / futuristic Good design ideas. Power Point lessons, exam solutions, mind maps, interactive past paper revision. at history arrt history – maths music art and architecture all galleries virtual tour timelines artist site – graphics graphics graphics graphics exp – film library picture resource general pictures com – illustrations art history Van Gogh photographs – ” graphics packaging ” interesting art blog MASK WEBSITES: Good general selection of Good website for Decorative Italian masks. Classes are reminded to use Mr Mackenzie’s wikispace to ask questions and post comments as part of their out of school learning. Muscular Dystrophy Association gives students lots of information on the condition and treatment. Also interactive tutorials on DNA & protein synthesis.


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