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The marketing mix of taj hotels is explaine as below: Product - The brand “Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces "comprises 58 hotels across India and 17 hotels in international locations.

The hotels are grouped into 3 categories - Luxury, Leisure and Business.

There was a proliferation of the Taj Presidency hotels not only in new cities, but also smaller towns. ‘The action plan is more opportunities, adding to and complementing the brand,’ says Krishnakumar. Major renovation By the mid 1990’s, renovation was in full swing. It meant putting in optic fiber cabling, remote control systems and giving the business guy a lounge where he could relax and even have breakfast. But this had to be dropped after a few years due to disuse. They had to go with the advent of the internet and laptops. It was found that telephone usage was dropping because of the advent of mobile phones.

Not only were mobiles provided on hire, the Taj also dropped communication charges by 33 per cent.

Right from the beginning, the Taj stood for class and comfort.

It was a place where the viceroys of the Empire arrived and departed amidst scenes of splendour. In fact, it soon became one of the wonders of the Orient.

In fact, this element of the marketing mix was not visible until the late nineties! Secondly the company was conservative and media shy for many years.

The reason the hotel towered above the rest was because of the amazing attention to detail that was paid by it’s founder Jamshetji Tata.

The line went: ‘She is the Taj,’ The base line was ‘Nobody cares as much.’ Success Other hotels’ room occupancies plunged to as low as 37 % during the recession and average room occupany rates across all hotels were approximately 50 per cent.

The Taj maintained a far higher average and continued to grow and expand. The brand “Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces” comprises 58 hotels across India and 17 hotels globally.


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