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However, I recognize that sometimes “life happens.” In these instances, you may use your allotted two flex days.

These days allow you to submit an assignment up to two days late without penalty.

Phrasal verbs are never merged into one word or joined with hyphens.

Straight talking and methodical, Craig Shrives draws on his years compiling Grammar Monster and as an army officer to present a comprehensive but light-hearted and easily digestible grammar reference guide.

In the case of makeup, it is a compound noun made up of the verb (make) and the preposition (up). There are no definitive rules about when to use a hyphen (make-up), nothing (makeup), or a space (make up) with compound nouns.

The best thing to do is use your spellchecker to determine whether the one-word version is a spelling mistake. Each assignment is based upon the total number of days you missed.For example, if you are out for five (5) days, you may choose one (1) of the five day assignments, or five (5) of the one day assignments.1) You may physically make up a class missed, by attending another class during your scheduled lunch, study hall, or by staying after school.If you are making up a class with this option you must make arrangements with your teacher ahead of time.If it isn't a spelling mistake (NB: makeup isn't), then you should use the one-word version as it is the most efficient and is highly likely to be the most current version of the noun. In summary, you should opt for makeup over make-up and make up. Make-ups must be completed within two weeks of the absence.Hello, fellow classmates, Thank you for reading this, I hope you are doing well today.I really do hope you consider this email as make-up for the blog posts I have missed, and I thank you for your time and patience.The word makeup is a compound noun, which means it is a noun comprising at least two words.


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