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I am as fond of colorful language as anyone, but I try not to inflict it upon strangers.I suspect many people sense they should have better manners, and need only a nudge.In Europe and parts of Latin America, learning to ballroom dance starts in grade school. Increasingly parents want their children to learn ballroom dancing.

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They were also asked to teach each of the dances to someone else. The ballroom tango, they learned, originated among the lower classes in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the 19th century.

Women wore full skirts and men wore gaucho costumes with high boots and spurs which necessitated several movements that are a part of today's tango. (Dancing with partners) "You get to know your classmates." Sixth grade students Emily and Amour dance the tango I'm a proponent of ballroom dancing, but there are other popular styles of dancing that you and your kids might enjoy: hula dancing, square dancing, folk dancing, belly dancing, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and native dance.

I asked what the most memorable part of the program was and they both enthusiastically reported that dancing in the finals at the Palais Royale with all of their classmates and family members clapping and cheering them on was thrilling.

Their literature states: "The dance is a tool for getting the children to break down social barriers, learn about honour and respect, treat others carefully, improve self-confidence, communicate and cooperate, and accept others even if they are different." It "changes the lives of the teachers and parents who support these children." ( Part of the credit for the recent popularity of ballroom dancing goes to Masayuki Suo's 1996 Japanese movie Shall We Dance? In that movie a middle-aged man discovers that ballroom dancing fills a need for something missing in his life.

Mad Hot Ballroom (2005) is a movie about 6,000 kids from 60 schools in New York City who learned ballroom dancing and competed for achievement awards for their schools.


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