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Life Lesson Essay-37
Luckily there was that snaggy old pencil of mine lying there, laying right where I needed it to be, by the paper. It felt like it was pumping more blood then it needed to pump.

It takes us on a journey of discovering that when true love is amazingly strong one can overcome any battle.

Since discovering these series Stephanie Myers the author of Twilight has become such an inspiration to me....

I ignored my cognizance and continued scrubbing my body.

While I was taking a shower, I reminisced the time my third grade teacher talked about the school policy.

I wish I would have made more memories with her and not been so quick to anger when she corrected me.

Her passing away is one of the most traumatic events I have ever been through.

The path we choose is very important; it gets us to where we are today, whether it was the right or wrong decision.

For every path we take in life, there is a path not taken.

I do my usual thing, take a shower, brush my teeth, and dress up.

Boy did I love to draw unusual things on blank pieces of scrap paper, so I thought. It felt as if I was thrown into a dark chamber filled with corpses.


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