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and in keeping learning disabilities in the forefront at the level of the federal government, and in the scientific and medical professional communities.On behalf of the LDA Board of Directors, the Research Committee members have testified before congressional hearings on needs for environmental toxicant control, early infant assessment for brain disorder, and for neurodevelopmental testing of drugs and chemicals by the EPA and FDA.Specific learning disorder seems to run in families.

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Symptoms can range from mild—involving difficulty in one or two domains that is responsive to accommodations or support—to severe, where an individual is unlikely to learn the affected skills without intensive, individualized teaching.

While the causes of learning disabilities are not fully understood, a number of risk factors have been identified.

The Research Committee works in support of the goals of the LDA Healthy Children Project disseminating information on factors that contribute to learning disabilities and policy efforts to eliminate preventable causes to federal agencies and members of congress.

Information on chemicals of concern to brain development is available at goal of the LDA Research Committee is to promote scientific, professional and legislative interest in known and probable causes of learning disabilities that may lead to knowledge-based prevention and remediation and to support the LDA Healthy Children Project.The increased risk is 4-8 times greater for a reading disorder and 5-10 times greater for a math-related disorder, according to the DSM-5.Other factors that may increase one's risk for a learning disability include premature birth, very low birth weight, the use of nicotine, alcohol, or drugs during pregnancy, and severe deficits in nutrition or exposure to lead in infancy.In 1975 several leading members of LDA, then the Association for Children with Learning Disabilities (ACLD)l were concerned about the causes of learning disabilities.With the encouragement of the ACLD Board of Directors they formed the Research Committee.In some cases, medications may be used to increase a child's ability to focus.The specific details of interventions for learning disabilities differ based on the type of disability and its severity, but can include specialized, intensive teaching methods and the use of audio recorders, audiobooks, word-processing programs, and other forms of technology to help compensate for a disability during learning.Free access to special education for children with disabilities is required in U. public schools under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).Treatment may also involve the services of therapists who specialize in particular domains, such as speech and language.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.The LDA Research Committee provides a knowledgeable interface between LDA membership and the medical and scientific communities in conjunction with the Healthy Children Project.


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