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People filled the pews, and nearly ever space around them in the aisles.At p.m., a procession of priests, bishops, and cardinals entered the basilica.

A long road It is not unheard of for March for Life pilgrims to endure a several-hour bus journey to Washington for the march.

John Moore, a Knight from Gallup, New Mexico, had by far the longest trip of all: he walked to Washington, DC from San Francisco, carrying a 20-pound wooden cross the entire way.

She told CNA that her father spent years saving and planning the trip and was inspired by his first March for Life six years ago. the morning of the March, their journey came to an end as they finally arrived at the National Mall, just in time for the start of the March for Life Rally. Anderson, CEO and Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, has the most public role of any member of the Knights of Columbus at the March, including an address to the massive crowd during the March for Life rally.

Anderson pumped up the crowd, and announced that his organization had recently donated its thousandth ultrasound machine to a pregnancy clinic.

“We successfully distributed 10,000 ‘Love Life, Choose Life’ Knights of Columbus signs,” Lomnitzer told CNA.

In addition to signs, the Knights of Columbus distributed drawstring bags, fleece headbands, and beanies emblazoned with their logo.Lomnitzer said he got involved in the Knights of Columbus when he was a freshman at CUA.When he was in school, he thought the Knights were “an amazing group of faithful and dedicated young men, helping one another grow in holiness.” Like Mc Guire, he too served as a volunteer at the Vigil Mass when he was in school.Members of councils from around Virginia served as marshalls, and were present on street corners, around the front of the stage, and near the media and speaker areas.Santiago Garcia, a Knight from Manassas, VA, has been in the Knights of Columbus for about two and a half years.On Thursday, it was his job to “make sure people are where they’re supposed to be.” Patrick Mc Aleer is a field agent for the Knights of Columbus, selling the insurance policies the organization offers to its membership.He is also the chairman of the Shrine’s usher ministry. For Mc Aleer, volunteering at the Vigil Mass and other events is “a way to serve and be around so many young people who travel long distances to take part in the Mass and March.” As an usher, Mc Aleer said it is his job to “welcome to all our visitors to the Basilica, handle the congregation with care when we have to move people for the processional and recessional, as well as the most important duty: protecting the Blessed Sacrament, at communion time.” ‘An amazing group’ The day of the March for Life began bright and early at a.m.Mc Guire told CNA that joined the Knights of Columbus because his grandfather was a Knight.At Catholic University, the Knights of Columbus is one of the largest student groups on campus.He told CNA that he prayed to the Blessed Mother for her to “find something for me to do in the Church,” and then inquired about the Knights of Columbus.This is the second March for Life at which he has volunteered.


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