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He degrades her in front of her possible suitors, making her undesirable to the Duke of Burgundy.This scene portrays how Lear is blind to his daughter’s intentions from his self centered personality.

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Authority often makes one self centered because they are constantly worshipped by other people and they do not hear things they disapprove of often.

Cordelia does not love her father the least, she is attempting to use honesty to show how her two sisters were exaggerating and lying about their love for Lear.

Edmund was also introduced to the Earl of Kent, a loyal servant to King Lear and was told by Gloucester to "Remember him hereafter as/ My honourable friend" (I.i.27-28).

The act of introducing an illegitimate child to a friend was very rare in the Elizabet...

The position of or incentive for gaining authority often leads to the destruction of morals and can determine the path of ones life.

Power and its influence can control the political, social and financial dominance of a person or character.Also in our society, there is corruption from a strong desire for power.Throughout history many dictators and tyrants have caused disruption for the people from their personal greed.In Shakespeare’s play we are presented with the idea that having a great deal of authority can make one seem “blind” by making poor thoughtless decisions.These characters, and the readers of the play, will learn something from those mistakes through observing the outcomes the characters are faced with.Before Edmund obtains power, his life style was well off, but upon the acquisition of power he becomes greedy, self involved and unmerciful and in the end he has no one and nothing.Ultimately, the result of gaining such power destroys his morals, character and becomes the foundation of his death.Having authority is an important responsibility that is often misused.Even in today’s society there are world leaders either taking the wrong irrational action or taking no action at all, which results in consequences for themselves and their people. Treschow English 153 25 March 2013 Power Corrupts a Happily Ever After The theme of authority is prominent in William Shakespeare’s play King Lear.The play has many situations that allow readers to observe the negative effects that ones authority can have, and the negative effects that the lust for power will bring.


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