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One of the most commonly used classification text materials is that one based on text’s purpose and meaning.In this classification, there are three main categories: An expository text is intended to identify and characterise experiences, facts, situations, and actions in either abstract or real elements.

This form, employed when reporting about an event or an incident, describing an experience, or telling a story, is the basic mode in journalistic writing.

Practice in relating what happened when you witnessed an occurrence, or writing about what you were told by someone who witnessed it, is good training for becoming a newspaper reporter.

Expository texts are meant to explain, inform or describe and they are the most frequently use to write structures.

Expository structures can be classified into five categories: A narrative text entertains, instructs or informs readers by telling a story.

In a traditional persuasive essay, the writer states the essay’s topic and organizational scheme clearly and concisely, then emphasizes and clarifies the topic’s significance by briefly mentioning the current event or recent publication, for example, that prompted the writer to discuss the topic.

The rest of the piece consists of the writer’s argument in favor or in criticism of a position.This persuasion can take the form of a scholarly critique or a review of a creative effort such as a live or recorded performance (for example, a music album) or a work in some medium (a film, for instance).In either case, the writer begins with a thesis, or statement to be proven, summarizes the position (or the plot or theme of a work of art), and provides further detail as necessary to amplify the essay’s points.An essential component of a formal persuasive essay is a balanced discussion of an opposing viewpoint, while an informal review might include a mention of what an artist was attempting to accomplish by performing or creating and, for the sake of courtesy, could refer to how the artist succeeded in part even if the reviewer believes that the work is ultimately unsatisfactory.Persuasive essays, like narrative essays, can be submitted for publication.In a discussion , you would start by presenting the issue - the problem you have to solve.You would then explain and discuss the evidence and different points of view regarding the issue.A text is a piece of writing that you read or create.The type or the characteristics of a text are very important for any work of summarisation on it.Narrative texts deal with imaginary or real world and can be fictional (fairy tales, novels, science fiction, horror or adventure stories, fables, myths, legends, etc.) and non-fictional (articles, newspaper reports, historical writings).Argumentative texts aim is to change the readers’ beliefs.


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