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Sleeping in Class Brown Nosing Not going to class Lack of responsibility Not reading syllabus Excuses Not meeting deadlines STUDY STRATEGIES TIME MANAGEMENT LEARN TO SAY NO! USE TRAVEL TIME TO STUDY - Put on those earphones if you ride the train or car pool. Review course outline, notes and Quick Study Chart. True-False questions: Pick out key words or group of words on which the truth or falsity of a statement hinges.

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They have to sit there whether you show up or not, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Talk to other students to find out the real scoop, which professors to avoid, etc.

LECTURE NOTES Sit near the front of the class to avoid distractions.

Be a good listener - Focus and concentrate on the main points of the lecture. You'll put them in your own words later, along with your study notes.

Don't be afraid to ask other students and professors for copies of old exams.

The questions may change but the style usually remains the same. Putting a face with a name will be a big help, especially if your grade is on the borderline.

Problems with faculty should be handled honestly and calmly.

Always try to remedy conflicts with faculty members first.

TRY TO STUDY DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS - Natural light really is more conducive to learning. Relate and form associations between the new ideas and information you wish to remember and inforamtion, ideas, persons, things, etc. OBJECTIVE EXAMS Scan the exam to determine types of questions asked. Multiple-choice questions: Multiple choice questions are essentially true-false questions arranged in groups. ESSAY EXAMS Planning your time in answering essay questions is more important than in objective-type tests! Get a feel for the questions you are expected to answer. Words such as "list," "describe," "compare and contrast," and "outline" require different types of answers.

USE TWO SCHEDULES Create an hour by hour weekly schedule. If the exam allows you to choose from a number of questions, be sure to number your answers exactly to match the questions. Don't "write around" the question but answer it directly and concisely. After scanning the list of questions to be answered, choose the ones you know most about.


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