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By deploying the metaphor of "the urban jungle," these writers reconfigure the urban poor as "a new race of city savages" and read urban culture as a "Darkest England," an Africa-like place rife with danger and novel possibilities.

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Much has been written about cultural imperialism and the effects of Britain and British culture on colonized people, but Joseph Mc Laughlin suggests that the influence worked both ways.

Sinclair knew that when writing this piece, a piece that would change America forever, he needed to present it and write it in such a way that it would quickly grab hold of the reader’s attention.

Essentially, he created a new type of novel that America had yet to be expose to; naturalism.

Sinclair knew that if he completely wrote with the socialistic views in mind that his book wouldn’t have made as big of an impact, but because Jurgis, the protagonist of The Jungle, doesn’t begin to side with Socialism till the end of the book, it is now easier for the reader’s to understand how much better socialism would be to them.

Even a century after Sinclair’s book was published, it is still as important today as it was back then.

When Sinclair was originally asked to write a piece for the socialist newspaper Appeal to Reason in 1905, it was noted that his piece would be mainly based on the socialistic views that many Americans, especially those in Chicago’s meatpacking industry, thought needed to happen.

It isn’t until the end of The Jungle that the views begin to appear in the novel.

They just did not want to be the ones to pay for the implementation.

These Acts allayed most fears, and ironically, actually favored big business, which was the opposite of Sinclair’s intention.


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