Is Macbeth A Tragic Hero Essay

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Once he gets what he wants, the crown, he realizes he is not happy. His wife is mad, and a lot of people are...well, dead. Macbeth soon loses his vigor in the speech in Act V Scene V. *sweatdrop*) where he speaks of how futile Life is. However his actions cause resentment amongst the audience, so instead of feeling sorrow at his demise as we would for Othello, Hamlet, or King Lear, we feel relief that such a tyrant is dead.

But in truth, there was a story, there was a human inside this tyrant.

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Macbeth is a tragic hero because he started the play as a good man, but the manipulations of the Weird Sisters and his wife brought out his baser qualities.

Macbeth has served his duty sincerely in this aspect.

He has remarkable qualities of head and heart for which he is praised as'Valour's minion' & Belladona's bridegroom'.

Instead, before his death, Macbeth finds himself without love, morally bankrupt, loathed by all, and with a name now synonymous with tyranny.

Macbeth is a tragic hero and the beginning praise by Duncan about his military skills proves it.

The protagonist of the play is a person of significance.

Macbeth is the Thane of Glamis and later of Cawdor as well.


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