Introduction Of Divorce Essay

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] In a male dominant society, the change in a woman’s role is the most prominent cause.

Driving our brains in the past, women were very much familiar with their tasks such as looking after and spending most of the time dedicatedly with children, husband and house.

[ Related: Cause and Effect Essay writing samples ] Now we will throw light on the everlasting effects of divorce.

As well all know that there are always two sides in a story, one is bright and the other is dark.

At least the spouses would have the opportunity to live freely, hunt for their better half or focus more on their work in order to having a firm footage in life.

This way, the surroundings of that couple might fall into sheer disappointment but ultimately, when they’ll see the life becoming friends with their loved ones again, they will eventually accept the bitter sweet reality of one’s life.[ Related: Cause and Effect essay on teen pregnancy ] If we keep a recount of past and present, it can easily be concluded that the world itself originated the concept of marriage (keeping religion aside).The criteria of living in a lifetime commitment is what we call marriage which couples complicate and end up in jilting each other down as they cannot maintain a single relationship. That taste can be sweet and bitter depending on the flavor one chooses.Tendency of breaking the two strings attached to one another may possess the reasons related to education, economic, psychological in this particular matter.Men were considered as bread winners and therefore, their women were bound to rely on them financially.Now there’s a significant change in a woman’s role due to which a drastic increase in divorce rate is seen.Previously, it was impossible for a woman to end up a marriage which isn’t happy but now, it is not due to which there’s a remarkable rise in divorce rate.[ Related: Top 50 Cause and Effect essay topic suggestions ] With a fast running life, couples tend to get married at their convenience without understanding or knowing their partners.[ Related: Deciding on what kind of essay should you write about?] Burdening people with unlimited work is also one of the causes of divorces.


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