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2 typed double-spaced pages total), due by midnight on the Saturday of the week assigned (see Schedule of Events below), where you will creatively respond to 2 open-ended prompts that ask you to reflect upon the material currently being read, viewed, and discussed (these are typically inspired by what transpires on the Discussion Board each week--see below).

There will never be right or wrong "answers" to these prompts, as they are interpretive in nature, and what I mainly want to see is a close attention to the concrete details of what has been read and viewed (what is said and done by specific characters in specific scenes) as well as a commitment to reflecting thoughtfully on the works we have explored together in relation to the larger themes of the course.

I will help you become sharper and more critical readers, and each student will help each other and me to create a learning community that is student-centered and highly interactive.

As a general rule of thumb, I expect each student to participate, actively and with some gusto, in at least two (if not more) discussion threads each week and to actively help guide the dialogue that occurs there, stimulate participation, respond to others' questions and raise new questions, and seek clarification when necessary (which means: do everything you can to keep the conversations moving in a productive fashion, and ask lots of questions along the way).

Up to Mc Candless’s death, he wanted to live with the wild and to be away from civilization as far as possible.

He changes his mind when he writes “HAPPINESS ONLY REAL WHEN SHARED” (189).

If you are on campus, they are located in the basement of Lovejoy Library, LB-0005.

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All definitions, terminology, concepts, and patterns of organization taken from an outside source must be identified and given credit in any essay or exam you write--whether it be for the English department or any other department.

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