Intercultural Communication In The Classroom Essay

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There are languages that have a high flexibility in expression while others have a limited range of words so translation is really about the individual communicating the same meaning to the listeners.Due to cultural differences, translators have to be careful in their work so that they do not cause intercultural barriers.

Code switching practices have led countries to declare the official languages in a country in order to promote the assimilation of the people in the country.

There are countries that have multiple official languages such as Canada which uses English and French while New Mexico is English and Spanish.

It may also be done to accommodate other speakers while there are those who do want to accommodate other speakers.

In a situation where there are multiple languages being spoken, a bilingual person has to make a choice about which language she or he will speak.

However, there are labels such as “white trash” and “redneck” which an individual uses not to communicate friendship or closeness but rather to exclude an individual and create hostile relationships.

Labels that are used this way, only separate people, causing them to wish people did not use labels.There are several reasons why people prefer to code switch.It may be that they want to express their cultural identity.They had conducted a study in the 1930s and 1940s on Native American languages.These views are similar to the position taken by the people who support the .There are also those who practice code switching in order to express shared identity.Among the African Americans when they distinguish between Black and White women by using the term they express their solidarity with their ethnic or cultural community. It is a contest to ascertain which individual practiced code switching and who did not.It is believed that the structure of the language we speak actually influences our perceptions of reality, thoughts and even cultural components.In the Navajo language, there is no use of the possessives such as his or her, it will be taken that that they have different perceptions when it comes to possession.The leaders of a country may desire to drive the people to assimilate into the national culture.There are those countries which use certain minority languages as they do want the use of the language to die.


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