Image Compression Thesis 2009

Image Compression Thesis 2009-7
Otherwise, if two inputs compressed to the same output, then the decompresser would not be able to decompress that output correctly. For example, less than 0.4% of strings can be compressed by one byte.Every compressor that can compress any input must also expand some of its input.The coder assigns shorter codes to the more likely symbols.

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The transform is an AI problem because it requires understanding what the human brain can and cannot perceive.

However, when the image is resized before the second compression step, the blocking artifacts of the first JPEG compression are destroyed.

Therefore, most reported techniques for detecting double JPEG compression do not work for this case.

The human eye is less sensitive to fine detail between colors of equal brightness (like red and green) than it is to brightness (black and white).

Thus, the color signal is transmitted with less resolution over a narrower frequency band than the monochrome signal.


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