Igcse History Coursework Assignment A

Igcse History Coursework Assignment A-50
Incidentally, having joined up to one such website when I was in the UK to check if my students were using the site I found the examples available to download were frequently of a poor quality anyway..

This syllabus must not be offered in the same session with any of the following syllabuses:2158 History (World Affairs, 1917-1991)2160 History (For Candidates in Central and Southern Africa)2162 History (For Candidates in Mauritius) This is fairly well-defined in CIE's guidelines.

For coursework it is possible to discuss work in progress to check for plagiarism and teachers can even provide general feedback.

In an International School with many language issues, it is sometimes difficult to judge what is the student's ‘own work' - any concerns have to be pointed out to the examiner at submission.

The very reason coursework was phased out in the UK and with such evils as ready-made coursework websites out there, we have to be careful.

Your exams co-ordinator will be able to sign you up with the website so you can enter the teacher's support section of the website.

I have always had queries dealt with reasonably efficiently when I have had to contact CIE.

Schools in Africa may find it interesting to study Depth Study H: The Impact of Western Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century, covering the Scramble for Africa among other things. Paper 2 - the tricky ‘skills' paper, with a slight difference to the OCR paper in that the topic is prescribed by CIE each year (one year ahead helpfully) taken from the Core Content, so for example in 2010 the 19th century core topic was The American Civil War with schools following the 20th century core topic having to answer questions on The decline and collapse of Soviet control over Eastern Europe. Coursework - The CIE IGCSE still offers what we would label good old-fashioned coursework instead of the new controlled assessment - does this mean it is only English students who cheat at coursework?

The paper includes a collection of source material relating to the prescribed topic, and a series of questions based on the material - e.g. ' ‘Which source is more reliable...' and the final question ‘Study all sources. Indeed the syllabus confirms this, stating "Coursework may be produced in class or in candidates' own time.

The usual date for the submission of Controlled Assessment marks is May each year.4. One question is set on each of the Depth Studies, with students answering one question on the Depth Study they have covered - which can be the same as the one studied for Paper 1.

Questions are based on sources and are structured into several parts.


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