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If the PDF does not show, you could read the text version right below it (not recommended since it lacks formatting & images).Investigating the Relationship between the Aperture of a Camera and a Geometric Sequence The aim of this investigation is to find the relationship between the aperture of a camera and a geometric sequence.

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My main goal in this investigation was to apply mathematics to investigate the sequence that lies behind the F-stop numbers and to explore the relationship between F-stop numbers and the diameter and area of the circular aperture opening in the lens.

Other than that, the relationship between F-stop number and lighting will be analyzed by looking at histograms.When the F-stop number is increased by one, the opposite happens, the amount of light is cut by half.However, if the diameter of a circle is doubled, then the area of the circle quadruples.The aperture becomes 4 times larger because the area varies in relation to the square of the radius.Thus, doubling the radius is identically equivalent to saying 2², which is 4.In photography, the amount of light entering the lens depends on the area of the aperture hole which is shaped as a circle.When we decrease an F-stop number to the previous stop, the amount of light is doubled because the opening area of aperture is doubled.Some examples of F-stop numbers and of the apertures can be seen in the picture below.The letter “ƒ/” signifies that it is an F-stop number. Aperture and the inverse relationship of how the different f-stop looks like inside the lens (modified image from: ) Aperture can simply be represented as the pupil of a human eye which dilates and contracts depending on the amount of light that is allowed to enter the retina.As a photography enthusiast, I wondered about how a camera is able to turn a live scene and freeze it into an image.Photography used to be a time consuming and complicated hobby.


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