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The presence of air within the flow increases the bulk of the flow, modifies the momentum shear layers and enhances the air-water gas transfer.The project is based upon new experimental investigations using large-scale experiments : water jets discharging into the atmosphere, high-velocity open channel flows, hydraulic jumps and plunging water jets.

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The results enable a better understanding of the fluid mechanics of free-surface air-water flows (CHANSON 1997, Academic Press).

Applications include some optimisation of hydraulic structure design, mixing devices in chemical plants, firefighting equipment.

Below are the 6 major research topics: Open Channel Flow and Hydraulic Structures Open channel flows are encountered in a wide range of applications from large rivers to roof gutters including irrigation channels.

New research investigations include river turbulence, fluvial hydraulics, hydraulic jump flows, undular flows, weir overflow, stepped cascades, dropshafts, energy dissipators and supercritical flows.

The energy radiation of long-period waves is a predominant source of energy in the offshore-onshore direction.

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The process is extremely important to understand coastal erosion and harbour protection.Applications to hydraulic structures cover high-head spillways, stepped chutes, rubber dams, stilling basins and water quality prediction (e.g.CHANSON 1995, Pergamon; CHANSON 1999, 2004, CHANSON 2004).The results enable a better understanding of the aeration mechanisms.The study is applied to water quality problems downstream of hydraulic structures, the greenhouse effect and ocean-atmosphere gas exchange processes.Plunging breaking waves have a dominant role in the energy dissipation process.The breaking process is extremely energetic and associated with strong air bubble interactions.Environmental Management and Sediment Transport Several studies are conducted in parallel to investigate the historical development of civil engineering and hydraulic structures.Current projects include the early developments of dams, reservoirs and water supply systems in Australia (from the early 1800s to 1950), the history of stepped cascades and chutes (from BC 1300 to today), the introduction of concrete in hydraulic structures during the 19th century.Air-water gas transfer across the bubble interface is predominant as the net surface area of thousands of entrained air bubbles is much greater than the area of the free-surface.New experimental investigations have been conducted to simulate different mechanisms of wave breaking and air bubble entrainment.


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