Hsc English Belonging Creative Writing Questions

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There is no other way to describe Paper One, Section Two but as the bane of every HSC student’s existence.

Yes, this section requires you to compose an imaginative text that demonstrates what you have learnt about belonging and/or non-belonging.

You’ve been subtle in your approach and tried to craft a story with extended layers. ” a tall sign stands before me, “Westfield Shopping Town Soon to be Erected HERE” says another atop of where used to be my house. ” a familiar voices calls behind me, I turn to face her. *”Village” rarely used in Australia.) “Josh you’re back!

“Five MILLION Dollar Development Plan Approved, ENTER YOUR BID NOW! “Indeed.” I thought, glancing across the busy, bulldozed acres, “so much have changed, but to change and to change for the better are two different things.” A voice echoes in my mind. debra now lives in Brisbane, Jane went into acting last year, surely you’ve seen Sam’s new bookshop in the city, and guess what! ” She said quickly, her voice filled with excitement. (Some minor idiom problems in this paragraph, but present tense correctly used to mark changed perspective.

This is not suggesting that you write a story about a year 12 student who doesn’t belong because that is what you know, but rather that you use the emotions that student might have felt or the responses that student might have and transfer them to a different context or exotic setting, such as a remote tribal village or a time in the past.

Two: Make it believable If you are writing from the perspective of a middle aged man, they are not going to be saying like, totally, awesome, omg, lol or any other derivative of those words.

It is essentially a living hell, but don’t be disheartened.

Use the ten tips in this guide to help you prepare and compose a response that doesn’t sound suspiciously like Mean Girls or another popular film or book your marker would be aware of.


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