How To Write Creative Brief For An Ad Agency

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A good briefing clearly states the communication strategy and context in order to ensure all creative deliverables will be produced in alignment with said strategy.As stated above, the creative brief’s main function serves as a guide written by the person requesting a creative service (the customer) to the responsible for the activity in order to clearly define what’s expected of the deliverables as well as the communication strategy it should be aligned with.A creative brief is the very foundation of any advertising/marketing campaign.

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A well developed and compelling briefing will normally have under two pages in length and is enough to outline the goal of the piece, establish the direction and defines the audience and the message while showing that are the desired results.

If we were to compartmentalize the communication process we’d be likely to position the creative brief at (or before) the design phase.

The brief shows the creative professionals not only where to start digging to find the golden ideas but also how to open the treasure chest.

By definition, a creative brief (or creative briefing) is a document produced by the requesting party (the customer) with the goal of establishing the defining aspects of a creative piece of work, such as a print ad or website banner.

Here’s where you separate yourself from other creative teams.

You’ve established the problem and provided a solution.

It takes a small team of professionals from various fields to thoroughly explain the message the creative piece should convey.

The reason why it’s so important to have more than one person from different work areas working on a creative briefing is that it ensures it won’t convey a single person’s point of view and, consequently, be less accurate.

It also ensures that the definitions and concepts within are clear enough for the receiving team to understand.

If there’s only one person responsible for writing a creative brief, his or her personal opinions can get into the way and make the briefing less clear and detailed as it should be.


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