How To Write A Phd Research Proposal

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Try to keep the spotlight on the main idea(s) of your project along the whole text while clearly spelling out your concrete plans.

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Finally, the topic should be narrow and worthy enough to be suitable for Doctoral degree, because a person who wants to achieve a Ph D degree must not research trivial problems.

If a student manages to connect his research proposal with his future dissertation, it will be success, because he will be already aware about the literature useful for the analysis and the problems which can occur on the way of research of the very area of discipline.

A successfully picked topic is a half of success, because if one is interested in the problem under analysis, he will devote enough time to the investigation.

Furthermore, one should possess at least certain knowledge about the topic, otherwise, he will waste too much time to get to know about its aspects and major principles.

These serve as an entry point to capture the reader’s attention.

The 1000-character abstract (part of the online application form) will be included in the summary of your dossier separately from the research proposal, and most faculty members will make a first pre-selection of the proposals they want to read more carefully on the basis of the abstract.Try to make clear which parts of your project are conventional wisdom, and which are innovative.Highlighting paradoxes and unexpected results can also be a powerful tool to motivate readers whose research interests are far from yours.When a student is planning to defend his Ph D degree, he will need to work hard and complete high quality papers which demonstrate his knowledge and professional skills.Naturally, the difficulty of a Ph D research proposal can not be compared with Master’s and a college one, because value of the paper and professor's expectations are higher.Try to focus there on your research question and to explain why it is an innovative and interesting question to ask. Proposals should be in either good English or French (proofreading is always a good strategy), well-structured with suitable headings, and be clear and legible. ) Begin the proposal by clearly stating either the central problem or puzzle which the dissertation will address, be this empirical, theoretical or both.Another good way to begin a proposal is by stating, where possible, your central point, idea, or claim.On its basis the professor evaluates student's knowledge, ability to analyse things professionally, student's ambitions and creativity.The choice of methods is very important, because if they are picked inappropriately, the quality of research will be poor, as every method can be applied in the particular situation.Tell the reader why you want to study what you are studying, and why it is worth doing so.If your topic (or theory or method) has been very widely discussed in your field, you should highlight the novelty (theoretical, empirical or both) that your project represents with respect to previous works.


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