How To Write A Perfect Sat Essay

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Once you create a template that will always work for the essay, you won't have to waste time during the actual test to think about to write your essay.

Some people include two supporting paragraphs and some people include three, so it is really up to you.

Some recommend the essay only for certain majors, while others require it for all students.

It all comes down to the school, major, and your desire to show off those writing muscles.

But when applying to college, we all have to play the numbers game, don’t we?

Writing is fundamental for education and careers alike.Prompts tend to ask for your argument on individuality, success, heroes, and progress.The books you read in English class are almost always good choices for examples.List a few books you enjoyed reading and list all the themes found in a book.When you practice writing your essay using that specific example, notice if it is difficult to write about for that specific prompt.Since it is mandated to use a #2 pencil on the test, be careful not to smudge your writing; if the grader has trouble reading your essay, he or she will not even bother grading it.Remember, these graders want to see you succeed, so help them help you.I suggest taking 22 minutes to write your essay, and use the extra three minutes to proofread and make sure you have at least five SAT words in your essay. For more on-on-one help acing the writing section, check out Testive’s SAT prep resources.Note: Did you know you could win a ,000 scholarship for college or grad school just by registering on College Xpress?Focus on your example works to support your argument rather than why you chose this specific example.Three to five detailed sentences are ideal in supporting an example.


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