How To Solve Air Pollution Problems

In late 2013, the European Commission adopted a proposed Clean Air Quality Package including new measures to reduce air pollution.Find out more about European air pollution policies The European Environment Agency (EEA) is the European Union's air pollution data centre; it supports the implementation of EU legislation linked to air emissions and air quality.

You should install these appliances in your home if you do not yet have them.

Be sure to maintain them regularly in order to uphold their efficiency.

Your health can deteriorate when the air quality is poor or a smog warning (yellowish fog comprising gas and particles) is in effect.

The effects of air pollution vary according to each person’s level of sensitivity.

It is updated every hour and shows the current air quality in several Québec regions.

You can also check the air quality forecast for the coming days on Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Info-Smog .

Before going out or engaging in outdoor activities, get into the habit of verifying the air quality index in your area.

This way, you can determine when you should take precautions to safeguard your health.

When you are physically active, you breathe deeper and faster, putting yourself in greater contact with air pollutants.

Therefore, you could limitphysical activity and reduce its intensity when you are in a polluted area, such as: Pay attention to the air quality inside your home because it could also be harmful to your health.


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