How Do I Make A Business Plan

With their help, you'll create the perfect business plan that takes you where you want to go.

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Simply by going through all the necessary steps to put one together, you’ll wind up with a clearer idea of what you’re trying to accomplish and many of the challenges you might face along the way.

Certainly, if you’re going to try to get money from a bank, a government-backed lender, a venture capitalist, or a community development financial institution (CDFI), you will need a formal business plan.

Try to cover all departments too, including sales and customer service. You'll need people you can trust, to guide and mentor you at times when you need it. Complex and long documents won’t be read – either by you or by potential investors.

A business plan should be brief, relevant and focused (you can use our free business plan template). The core of a good business plan should be just a few pages long.

If you find yourself getting carried away while writing, stop and take a break. As you write your business plan, keep in mind your strengths – and also any areas for improvement.

This will help you construct a plan that makes the most of your abilities, while still being realistic.You know the market, you have the necessary skills. This must be brief, to catch and hold people’s attention.Try to describe the goal and mission of your business in just a couple of sentences. Treat this section as an ‘elevator pitch’ document – it should be succinct and easy to remember.The first clue comes right in the description of what a business plan is: a roadmap for your business that outlines your goals and spells out how you aim to achieve them.In other words, it’s a guide for how to set up your business and run it on a daily basis to help you reach your long term goals.What other opportunities will you have if your business grows as planned? You need to explain how your business will differentiate itself from all the others. What are the daily tasks that need to be done when running the business?That might be based on price, service, quality, range or value. Include all business processes such as manufacture and packaging. How will you find people whose skills complement yours? Also think about who you want as your business advisors.And as we said, it’s a worthwhile investment of time and effort even if you don’t need to present it to potential investors.1) Focus – Writing a business plan will help you gather all of your ideas in one place, hone your message and crystallize your vision.Over the next few weeks we’re going to teach you how to write the perfect business plan-discussing why you should have one, the different types of business plans you can develop, and what goes into each section.Before we get into the how-to, let’s take a deeper look into what writing a plan will do for you.


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