Help For Parents Of Juvenile Delinquents Essay

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Reducing Juvenile Delinquency The topic that I chose to write about is Criminal Justice and reducing juvenile delinquency.In every city in the United States there is an epidemic of juvenile delinquency.It’s so easy to put the blame on the parents for working too much, not being there when the children are out of school either because they have to work two jobs or they have other activities that occupy them other than the children at home.

Reducing Juvenile Delinquency ABSTRACT There are many different parts of the Criminal Justice system.

This paper will bring about the argument of how we can reduce Juvenile Delinquency in the United States.

There are many teenagers that are introduced to crime such as shoplifting, fighting, and skipping school to go and hang out at the mall.

This almost always leads to becoming a juvenile delinquent.

There are also those teenagers that have chose to do everything wrong, totally forgetting everything they were taught as a young child.

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These teenagers want to make their own set of rules to live by which always ends up bad for them.

The bible states that a child is accountable for his own actions beginning at the age of 12 but what can we do as parents before that age to ensure that our children grow up and be a successful part of the communities which they live in?

We can no longer afford to leave it to the teachers or the principle or even the church to change our children, we must be the one to turn our children around so that they can have the future that you have nurtured them for.

The laws for juveniles are very vague which gives these teenagers the idea that they will just get a slap on the wrist each time they get into trouble so they continue to break the law.

There must be more options for these kids other than just incarceration or boot camps.


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